FA: BritPackLove

BritPackLove is the featured author for August.  She is the author of Help You Mend.

1. How did you get into fan fiction? Why Robert Pattinson fan fiction?

I have a lot of friends that read it and honestly, I haven’t personally read a lot of it. When I do it’s more related to Rob’s friends then the man himself, but I do still love Rob! I’m more a fan of writing it then reading it and I’ve always written it for myself only, never for others with the exception of when I was young and I wrote with a friend.

I really had no intentions of becoming a fan of Rob. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and knew who he was, but was indifferent about it. I actually made it through the first Twilight film without becoming robsessed as well. It all started for me when a friend insisted that I watch an interview with him. He’s quite charming and I dunno… there is just something about him that intrigues me. I know he likes to say we only think we know about him, but with as well as I know his friends and with as many interviews as I’ve seen, I’d say I have a pretty good idea what he is like.

2. What made you decide to start writing fan fiction?

I’ve been a “fangirl” since I was a small child, starting with Bo Duke of Dukes of Hazzard! I started writing stories about my favorite musicians and actors around the same time I started high school because a friend shared her stories with me. We wrote each other into our stories and we enjoyed the fantasy of it all. Of course, then my stories would have been on the PG-R range.

I didn’t write them again until I discovered Rob and his friends. I have several notebooks hidden in my closet. It’s my biggest fear that if something were to happen to me that they would be discovered! They are definitely my guilty pleasure!

3. What is your writing process? Do you have a specific place you like to write, music you listen to, etc.?

I usually write in my room and before this story I wrote in notebooks, never on a computer. This story was actually typed from a story I had written many months before. As I typed it, however, I changed it. About 15 chapters in I completely abandoned what I had written before.

Also my readers have a lot to do with how my story goes. I love that it’s being seen by so many eyes who take my words differently. It’s amazing to see the different takes on it and a lot of times I will get ideas for future chapters based upon feedback received. I just wish more people would give feedback as I’m closing in on 2000 views quickly and only about six different people have commented throughout. Speak up! You may help shape the story!

I can’t listen to music as I write because I find myself singing along and not concentrating on what I’m writing. If it’s on I have it down really low as a background noise. I write a chapter at a time and I always go back to check on word choice and whatnot. That’s when I catch spelling errors and things like using the same adjective twice in one paragraph. I try to avoid that, the thesaurus has become my best friend.

I type in a word document and cut and paste into the blog because if something were to happen and I didn’t get to save what I wrote I’d have to throw my computer against the wall and nobody wants that.

4. How much research goes into the stories? Time spent on the internet? Personal experience?

Not a whole lot of research but at times I feel it’s important. For example, when Sam wrote that song for Lili, that song actually came a bit later in real life, but in my story he wrote it sooner because it fit so perfectly. Same with Bobby’s songs, I know they don’t all fit to the story as in I don’t think they mean to Bobby the way I’m interpreting them and the timeline is off like with Sam’s music, but the music is part of what encourages the writing for me. “In the Frost” encouraged this one. I’ve heard his explanation of it and I’m way off but to me it means something different and that’s okay.

I did research specific things for this story for instance taking pills to commit suicide. Overdosing on anything else would have been a slow and agonizing death and permanent damage if she did live… I needed her to live well.

There is some personal experience in this one as well. I am divorced and it was an abusive relationship (mental but started to turn physical and I got the hell out) so some of her behaviors I’ve known firsthand. Writing this story has been a healing process for me. He changed the way I behave with others permanently and I’m trying my best to be myself again.

5. What is the hardest/easiest part about writing?

The hardest part for me is that I have to finish this story before I can do other things. It’s just my nature, like some people are “station eaters” I’m a station “doer”. Books I want to read are on hold, shows I’d like to watch are waiting, projects I have lined up… they are all waiting for Lili and Bobby’s saga to end!

The easiest part is the flow of it. I had no idea it would come this easily and still be this interesting. At least I hope it’s still interesting! If a day as gone by that I haven’t posted it’s because I was out of town or was sick or too tired, never because I had “writer’s block”.

6. Out of the stories you’ve written which is your favorite? Favorite character? Why?

Rob the psychologist has been quite enjoyable to write for me. Real Rob is very intelligent and I do sort of see him being the way he is here. Except for the bad stuff… Rob is a great friend and never would do the bad stuff! There is definitely a reason why everyone goes to him so often, I love writing him in!

7. What do you think makes a good story?

Something that pulls you in right away and keeps you there wanting to read “just one more chapter” before you go to sleep and descriptions so good that I can see the entire thing in my head. Harry Potter for instance, there are so many characters that are in the movies that never speak, but I know exactly who is who by their appearance.

8. Is there any story (or book) you wish you could have written? Why?

Anything that made enough money that I could have lived off of writing instead of a 8-4 job. I love my job, but as a single mom it would be nice to be able to volunteer during the day and be on all the field trips, parties and ceremonies. I can’t do that when I work the same hours as school

9. Do you have any writing tips?

Please proofread!

10. Who’s your pick to be the next author interviewed? (This person will actually be it. Please make sure the author has not already been interviewed.)

I was reading a story a while back here called Powerless. It was about Sam Bradley and it is BRILLIANTLY written. I would be reading this story even if it were about strangers. Unfortunately it is unfinished and I don’t know that the author, Absence, (was this name changed later I wondere??) is someone you’d be able to get ahold of. I would LOVE to rekindle her love of the story and get it going again!

From readers:

1. What is the most important thing you have learned about writing that you would like to share with the other writers here? – m244robp

That you can’t be too possessive about things once you’ve put them out there. Everyone is seeing what you write through their own life experiences.

2. How would you react if you actually had a chance to meet Rob? (this is a Rob-related site, right?) – m244robp

It’s funny that when Sam or Bobby @ replies me on twitter or retweets me I turn into a total and complete fangirl. I jump up and down and become uncontrollably giggly and I’m just a MESS! But when they are in front of me and give me a hug and we chat about life they are just guys I know and go visit from time to time. I’d like to think I’d be the same way with Rob. I’d definitely hug him and thank him for sharing his friends with us all.

3. What made you like Robert? Do you write Robert different then every one else? and what is you favorite Robert story that you didn’t write? – queens_of_pattinson

He’s just very down to earth and I would love to just hang out with him. I write him as I see him, I’m in awe of people who can write him as a completely different person with a different line of work and whatnot. I think that’s why I’m so into Exit Wounds right now which would currently be my favorite Rob story.


– Book: I’ll say the HP series because it’s one of the few I’ve read over and over.

– Movie: Too many to name so I’ll say that my favorite Rob movie is How to Be

– Actor/Actress: Robert Pattinson/Jennifer Lawrence

– Band: Again too many to name. I just love music in general, a lot of different genres.

– Song: Anyone who can chose their favorite song really has their shit together!

– Cookie: Pecan Sandies and tagalongs from those little cookie hustlers. :lol:

Last Words:

I just wanted to thank everyone for making this a very positive experience for me! I look forward to putting another one of my notebook stories up once I’ve completed a few other projects around the house

Is there anything else you would like to say or share with us?

Please support the guys! Rob is rich, but they are not, buy their music, go to their shows, you will make great friends in the process!