FA: Carson1

Carson1 is the featured author in July.  She is the author of Finding Forever.

1.  How did you get into fan fiction? Why Robert Pattinson fan fiction?

I came upon it quite by accident one night during a battle with insomnia. I found Twilight related fan fiction that a few colleagues were raving about, and then more specifically, Rob fics. I always had this story in my head, and had a few chapters written about a divorced mother meeting someone famous. Once I read a few of the fics on RPF, I morphed that story into Finding Forever. And who wouldn’t want to meet Rob in first class on a plane? 🙂

2.  What made you decide to start writing fan fiction?

I actually wrote a lot for myself before starting to write fan fiction, and still do. I had the beginnings of this story already written when I discovered I wasn’t the only one who was interested in sharing their stories. I always have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head and this was a wonderful way to release those.

3.  What is your writing process?  Do you have a specific place you like to write, music you listen to, etc.?

I need music to write. Whether it is the inspiration for what I’m writing or whether it’s providing the background as I actually type the words, it’s extremely important to all of my stories. Typically, I write in my office at home, but I’ve been known to also write at work, in the car, on planes, and even on a boat in the middle of a lake, listening to tunes drift to me from a nearby cottage. Inspiration comes to me from some very strange places. I have an entire story I’m writing which is based upon a glimpse of a police officer directing traffic in an intersection during a power outage. Another, based upon a conversation over a bike with one of my best friends. I also have a recorder that same friend gave me that I always carry with me. I tend to have conversations or plot ideas when I drive, so it’s important to have something to capture those moments.

4.  How much research goes into the stories? Time spent on the internet? Personal experience?

I do write a lot from personal experience, but I also spend a very long time researching my stories. I read a tremendous amount during research, and I use the internet, libraries, old news footage, and even conduct interviews with people who are in similar situations as I place the characters in. I think research is one of the areas that a lot of people overlook, but it’s essential to your stories, particularly if you’re not writing from personal experience.

5.  What is the hardest/easiest part about writing?

I need to clone myself. Time is my biggest issue. The easy part? For me, as I mentioned, I get a lot of ideas, so it’s very easy for me to come up plot lines, but unfortunately, that can also be the hard part. Too many ideas floating around means it’s hard to be able to get them all out.

6.  Out of the stories you’ve written which is your favorite? Favorite character? Why?

That’s a really hard question! I love different parts of the all of the characters I’ve written. If I had to pick, I think I would have to say Edward from Nineteen Canvasses -someone who is so completely lost and jaded who finds an equal, and in each other, they find a way to heal together.

7.  What do you think makes a good story?

Well thought out characters with a story that takes you to a place you didn’t expect it to. I like to get lost in what I’m reading. If I forget what time it is, and stay up late to finish the next chapter, I know I’m reading something very good.

8.  Is there any story (or book) you wish you could have written? Why?

I wouldn’t ever wish to have written someone’s story or book. I love seeing how authors weave their own story.

9.  Do you have any writing tips?

Try not to be discouraged if you hit a block in your writing. Maybe you just need a break from the story or the characters for a while. Try writing something else for a bit- anything at all- a poem, a song, something to clear to your head. When your characters are ready, they’ll speak to you again.

10. Who’s your pick to be the next author interviewed?

I would say Lattecoug, but you’ve done that interview already! 🙂

From readers:
1. What is the most important thing you have learned about writing that you would like to share with the other writers here? – m244robp

That we have a wonderful community of support here and I’m grateful to be a part of such a talented group of writers and reviewers. I adore the readers – whether they leave a review or not – it means the world to me when someone takes the time to read something I’ve written. Also, to not let a negative review deter you. You can’t please everyone and you need to stay true to the characters you’ve developed and the course they are on.

2. How would you react if you actually had a chance to meet Rob? (this is a Rob-related site, right?) – m244robp

Despite what I think I would do, I’d probably be a blundering mess and have nothing to say other than, “Do you want some wine?”

3. What made you like Robert? Do you write Robert different then every one else? and what is you favorite Robert story that you didn’t write? – queens_of_pattinson

A thousand reasons that I like Robert, but mostly I think it boils down to he doesn’t seem to have been jaded by the industry. He is who is- he says things that are often inappropriate and knows how to laugh at himself. We all need to do more of that. Favourite Rob story – Escape Into A New Beginning by Lattecoug. It’s simply brilliant.


– Book: Animal Farm

– Movie:  Shawshank Redemption

– Actor/Actress: Robert! / Meryl Streep

– Band: Queen

– Song: Impossible to answer with a favourite!

– Cookie: M&M chocolate chip

Last Words: Always drink the wine and buy the shoes.

Is there anything else you would like to say or share with us?

Thank you for including me and big hugs to all the readers and writers on the site.