Rules are subject to change as necessary.

  1. You can nominate yourself or another author.
  2. A story can be nominated for multiple categories. Those categories must be the same as where it is listed. For example, a Romance/Friendship PG-13 story can be nominated in the PG-13 category and the Romance/Friendship category. However, it cannot be nominated in the Angst/Drama section, even if it could be classified as that.
  3. An author can only have one story nominated per category.
  4. A story that is incomplete must have at least three chapters for its nomination to count.
  5. Stories must be hosted at
  6. Up to 20 nominations will be accepted per category, three nominations must be made for a category to be “open” for voting.
  7. Stories that won last year are not eligible to be nominated; however, stories that were nominated last year and did not win can be nominated.