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How can I add pictures to my post?

Your picture must be hosted on a Web site such as Photobucket.

You can also upload your images to this site under the Story Graphics gallery. Follow the link on that page to upload your images.

Copy and paste the URL into your post between the [IMG][/IMG] tags. It should look like this: [IMG]URL[/IMG]

How can I become a beta or pre-reader?

Please PM queensofpattinson and she will delegate from there.

You may also post in the “Classifieds” section in the Community forum.

How can I delete my stories?

You can’t. Please PM a moderator or admistrator to have it deleted.

How can I edit my post title or content after it is posted?

Click “Edit” in the top right corner of your post.

How can I move my story to the completed section?

Please PM a moderator or administrator and they will move it.

Where can I find a beta or pre-reader?

Please PM queensofpattinson and she will set you up with a pre-reader or beta.

You may also post in the “Classifieds” section in the Community forum.

Why can't I upload my avatar to the story board?

More than likely it is too big or the wrong format. Please resize it to fit the max size of 1 MB and 100px x 100px.

Why is my account not activated?

In an effort to combat spam on the story board, please follow the rules outlined on the Create Account page.

Can I delete my account once it has been created?

No. Only site administrators can delete accounts. Please e-mail to have your account deleted.

If you have any further questions that were not addressed on this page, please ask them below.


  1. I feel like an absolute but I always have a terrible finding the stories themselves…ho w can I just get at some sort of index. Sometimes I come across it, then it gets lost again! Help! any assistan…

    • You can use the search feature on the story board. There is also a section for stories by author.

  2. Do I HAVE to make a fancy banner for a story, if I ever make one? I’m not good at making those, lol. Plus, I don’t have Photoshop or anything like that.

  3. hello Swoozy! Is there a way to put alerts on the stories, so I can know when they are updated? thanks!!
    utterlyRobbed /dinah

    • I believe if you select “Subscribe Topic”, which is in the purple bar below “New Topic”, you will be able to get updates. Please note that this feature is finicky and updates aren’t always received.

  4. Can you delete my account of the community and of the storyboard if I ask you?

    • Yes. You can either e-mail/PM me or anyone of the other moderators to delete your account.

  5. Hi can I delete my old username? i had a problem with myy old email/

  6. How do i read a fanfic? When i click on the name of the story, it just shows me comments…

    • It shouldn’t just show you comments. The chapters and comments are mixed together, because it is set up using a message board. Most authors have images that delineate between chapters and comments.

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