Account Creation

In an effort to protect RPF and its legitimate users from spam, we now require all those who want access to the community section and the story board to e-mail us and administrators will activate your user account.

We believe that those who want to use this site the way it is meant to be used will not mind this extra step.

For access to the Story Board and Community:

Make sure you have already completed the registration form and than send an e-mail to with the following:

    1. Subject: RPF New User
    2. In the e-mail body:
      a. The Username your registered with.
      b. Name two characters Robert Pattinson has played.

After your account has been activated you will have full access to the Story board and the Community.  The Community includes a message board, chat room and story graphic gallery (plus upload), which will be listed under the Community drop-down when you login.

Administrators will make the highest effort to ensure that your account is activated as quickly as possible. If your account is not activated within a week, please e-mail us again.

  • RPF reserves the right to deny account activation.
  • RPF will not give out your e-mail address, spam it, etc.

– RPF Team